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How to Enhance Your Resident Evil 4 PC Experience with HD Hi-Res Movie CutScenes Turbo Patch

Hang on to your knickers and enjoy the ride. Blur Studios' Resident Evil 4 for PC has always been one of the best console ports of the decade, so you'd think they'd honour the legacy by delivering one of the best PC versions yet. Somehow they manage to do just that, providing a fabulous 30 FPS framerate, hardware-accelerated 3D and support for high-end settings, including HDR lighting and dynamically-scaled shadows. The only downsides are minor graphical glitches and inaccurate mouse sensitivity, but apart from that this is the definitive Resident Evil 4 PC release.

Resident Evil 4 PC HD Hi-Res Movie CutScenes Turbo Patch 1.1.7

Blur are no strangers to remaking Capcom's titles. They did great work porting Resident Evil 3 to PC, and they improved on the PlayStation 2 port with the Resident Evil 4 Gold Edition. Resident Evil 4 is in good hands, and you should get the purchase.

Windows 10 is Now Supported We are delighted to announce that Resident Evil 4 is now officially supported on the Windows 10 Operating System through Steam. This means that our Steam version now meets the new minimum spec requirements of Windows 10, and all the goodies that come with it, such as the exciting new features in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. To download Resident Evil 4 on Windows 10, visit our newly updated Steam page.

It's nice to see Resident Evil 4 on the PC made it so there is more of a choice in the camera view. For example, by default, the camera is behind you, but you can switch it to looking down the barrel of your gun.

Well, new user had to do it. I watched the raw unedited version of the gameplay and just went through it frame by frame to see what needed to be fixed/fixed and for the details I wanted to record. It took a while but I finally got it all done. For information, you can skip all cutscenes (but I still recommend watching any and all cutscenes unless you just dont like them) and go straight to the gameplay part if you want the raw gameplay of Resident Evil 4 uncut (like I did, anyway). Also, if you want to do a Classic Mode playthrough, skip all the cutscenes, and just go straight to Leon after getting the Mask of Jigsaw from the Airports.


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