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Telekom Connection Manager Windows 7 11

  • Make Sure the PC has an Internet connection and Windows Server is up to date. Update the PC in case of any pending updates.

  • Go to Services and find Remote Access Auto Connection Manager and Remote Access Connection Manager Services and start them manually.

  • Reboot the PC and try connecting again.

  • Uninstall the existing NetExtender Client, delete the C:\Program Files (x86)\SonicWall folder and its contents, and Update the WAN Miniport Drivers.

  • To update the WanMiniport Drivers Go to Device manager Network adapter Update WAN Miniport IP and PPTP Drive. Re-Install the latest version of the NetExtender Client from and test.

TIP: You can also install the Mobile Connect Application from a Microsoft Store and connect to the SSLVPN (Mobile Connect supports both MAC and Windows OSs).

telekom connection manager windows 7 11


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