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Ippon Seoi Nage Pdf Free

Judo is the sport in which movements are powerful, delivered in ashort period of time, usually against the force of the opponent. It is asport of changeable intensity of effort. During contest, the non-stop periodsof maximum or submaximum intensity are separated by longer or shorter breaks[4]. Fitness levels in judokas are evaluated based on special judo fitnesstest (SJFT) which gives effort tolerance levels in them. This test is ofintermittent character with breaks between the test and uses a specificmovement (throw) of the game called ippon-seoi-nage. The evaluation ofphysical characteristics is an important part of the training process becauseit gives information about the variables that need to be improved and aboutthe effectiveness of a given training program. Hence, this study wasundertaken to define and interpret the possible anthropological determinants,and special judo fitness levels in Indian judo practitioners.

ippon seoi nage pdf free

Two judokas (uke) of similar stature and body mass of theperformer are positioned at 6m of distance of one another, while theperformer of the test (tori) is three meters of distance from the judokasthat will be thrown. The test is divided into three periods of 15s (A), 30s(B) and 30s (C) with intervals of 10s. During each one of the periods theperformer throws the partners using the ippon-seoi-nage technique as much aspossible. Immediately after and 1 minute after the end of the test, theathlete's heart rate is verified. The total of throws accomplished inthis period is added and an index is calculated.


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