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Synthwave Dream '85 Activation Code [full Version]

The long awaited successor of Melodic Techno 1 is here - and it delivers again: explore the fattest and most complex Melodic Techno Sounds on the market, designed by the dreamteam Manuel Schleis and Andy Hinz. 156 presets full of inspiring wobbles, punchy basslines, polyrhytmic arps, voices, atmospheres, vintage analog sounds, monstrous growls, cleverly designed randomizations, well balanced drumkits, masterfully composed melodies and 18 new arpeggio patterns. You want to have the advanced sounds, the big Melodic Techno artists use? Then this is the perfect toolbox for you - also for Trance, EDM, Deephouse and all other kinds of melodic stuff. You dont want to miss this one!

Synthwave Dream '85 Activation Code [full version]

The 80s are back! And they sound more glorious than ever before. Synthwave II is here! If the past and future had a child, it would be this expansion pack. Manuel Schleis pulled out all the stops and designed 132 presets full of fat analog 80s sound design, like big gated drumkits and roughly distorted cyberpunk basslines. Also included are 139 first class digital wavetables of the DX era that let you create the best sounding bells, FM-sweeps, growly basslines, digital plucks and even talking vocoders. Layer many of these wonderful wavetables and you`ll get the fattest bells, sweeping airy pads and fantasy digital leads you`ve never heard before! And, of course, we use the newest Avenger technology: multiloop guitar kits (80s power distortion and improvised lead guitar riffs) are part of this gigantic expansion, too. Have we mentioned the 91 new arp patterns yet?


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