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How to Get Eventide Anthology 2 Plugins for Free with a Serial Crack

Thank you for contacting us regarding purchasing Anthology 2 by Eventide. I can tell you from experience it is important to provide you with a serial number as soon as possible. You will receive an email from iLok with a serial number and license key for Anthology 2 and a copy of what we receive to our customer service department.

eventide anthology 2 serial crack

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HI, I bought Anthology 2 through iTunes on Friday morning and the serial number I recieved is in fact correct, but the email address where I recieve the serial number is not valid. If I send them a different email address, will they send it?

I order the Steam version of Anthology 2 on sunday and i cant even do that. I receive a email from eventide to my email adress, that contain the serial number of the Anthology 2 and i cant use it. And the Eventide team is out of service at that time. I try to contact them with teletalk but even that doesnt help. When I try to open the product on my desktop it say "This product is not authorised". Please i need to know if it possible to put it online or download it offline. And then upload it online again and put the Steam serial number to it, when I do that It say that the online location where the serial number is located is invalid. So its impossible to do it without moving the serial number to another program. So please help if its possible or to finish my order. And i dont want to put it in disk ( i have to do it in disk because when i do it online It say that the online location where the serial number is located is invalid) Thanks so much. (sorry for my bad english)

Hello, In order to ensure that you receive your serial number for Anthology 2, we will need a copy of your receipt for purchase of Anthology 2. Please send this to us via email at We apologize for any inconvenience. Thank you,


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