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The Last Weekend Crack Only

there are a number of reasons people become addicted to crack. the first is that it is cheap. the price of a kilo of crack is only about $40,000. this is far cheaper than powder cocaine, which sells for about $90,000 a kilo. another reason is that it is addictive and its effects are powerful. crack cocaine is a much more powerful drug than powder cocaine. in fact, it is so powerful that cocaine addicts can get addicted to it in a single snort. the key to understanding why crack is so powerful is to understand why powder cocaine is not. powder cocaine is pure cocaine, while crack cocaine is made from cocaine mixed with baking soda. the baking soda provides the powder cocaine with its kick.

The Last Weekend crack only

the 7th circuit, in its williams ruling, started to open the door to sentencing courts to consider the crack/powder cocaine disparity in its career offender guideline. this was followed by the ruling in harris ruling, which prevents district court judges from taking action to correct the disparity in their sentencing. if the sentencing commission wanted to make the crack/powder cocaine disparity go away, they could pass a rule that would change the ratio. they could also simply make the crack/powder cocaine ratio equal. right now, the ratio of 5:1 is not scientific, its just as arbitrary as the 100:1 ratio.

however, the sentencing commission has shown no interest in making the crack/powder cocaine ratio go away. it is not alone. there is no movement to eliminate the crack/powder cocaine disparity, and so the eighth circuit, in the circuit courts, will continue to follow the old way of looking at crack offenses.


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