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Pokemon Naked Misty Fucks Ash Fixed

"STOP!"After a moment Ash stared up to see why Misty hadn't pummeled him into oblivion yet and was shocked to see she had stopped."What's going on? Why aren't you trying to beat me up anymore?""I don't know. I can't move." Misty responded in a fearful tone. Brock walked up behind Misty looking to investigate. He tried to move her and found she was frozen in place."This is weird. Why is she-?" Brock suddenly thought of something. "Wait. Ash you told her to stop!""Uh, yeah I did." Ash said."So for some reason not only were you able to capture Misty like a Pokémon, maybe you can also command her like a Pokémon." Brock said working the logistics of it. "Ash, try giving Misty another command.""What? No don't do that! Help me out!""Misty, jump up and down." Ash commanded. Misty suddenly broke free of her frozen position, but before she could enjoy it her body began to move up and down according to Ash's orders. He began to laugh at her silly actions but then began to stare."This isn't what I meant!" Misty yelled back to Ash with a scowl. Ash however wasn't paying attention. He and Brock were only paying attention to Misty's breasts moving up and down. They seemed to effectively mirror her actions as they bounced around under her shirt. Even better was that her shirt seemed to be moving up and showing her chest. For a brief flash, Brock got a glimpse of her chest and noticed it."Misty, Are you not wearing a bra?" Brock asked curiously."What?" Misty gasped as she began to blush. She ceased her jumping and crouched down. She held her arms down over her chest trying to stop their lustful stares. "What are you two perverts talking about?""I could see your chest." Brock said smugly. She blushed harder as he smiled at her."Is it true? You're not wearing a bra?" Ash asked excitedly, stars in his eyes. She remained quiet even in the face of his question. Suddenly Ash got a wicked idea. "Misty I command you to tell me if you're wearing a bra or not.""No I'm not. I usually don't." Misty replied mechanically. When finished explaining she began to blush even harder and covered her mouth."I guess she can't lie to you either. In fact she can't refuse anything you say. We could make her do whatever we want!" Brock said, imagining the possibilities."Technically, whatever I want." Ash corrected Brock."Right. So technically if YOU wanted to you could get her to take off her top and prove that I'm right." Brock said."What are you talking about you jerks! I'm not gonna-!" Misty was cut off by Ash."Misty take off your top." Ash commanded quickly, agreeing with Brock's plan."I told you I'm not taking off my- what are my hands doing?" Misty asked as her arms moved of their own volition and pulled off her suspenders. She then reached down and pulled up her yellow shirt revealing her luscious, creamy breasts. True to Brock's accusation, Misty was going commando from the waist up. Her breasts were small but not non-existent. A nice respectable b-cup. Big enough to fit in your hand comfortably. She shrieked as they were revealed, and pulled her covered them quickly with her hands."Wow I guess you were right Brock." Ash said with a chuckle. Brock simple nodded, was too busy slobbering over his exposed friend."This isn't funny Ash!" Misty cried."Misty I command you to tell me why you don't wear a bra when you're out." Ash stated as he kneeled down in front of her."My breasts aren't so big so I don't usually have a problem with people noticing whether I'm wearing one or not." Misty once again covered her mouth after spouting out that bit of information. Her blush increased as Ash and Brock smiled sinisterly."Don't sell yourself short. You've got a pretty nice set of tits." Ash said as Brock nodded in agreement, still too busy slobbering to speak. "In fact, why don't you stand up and give us a nice view of them?" Ash asked nicely. Once again unable to refuse Misty stood up and removed her hands, giving the two boys an eyeful. Immediately the two could also feel themselves rising, in a manner of speaking. Pikachu was also enamored by Misty's naked boobs as he too took notice, climbing up to Ash's shoulder to get a better view."Okay, can we stop this ridiculousness and get back to helping me here!?" Misty cried with outrage."This isn't ridiculous. What's ridiculous is a Pokémon walking around with clothes on." Ash commented to Brock offhandedly."He's right. Yeah!" Brock agreed, nodding his head fervently. Pikachu also nodded in agreement."Well, its settled then. Misty, get naked!" Ash commanded."No I am tired of this! I'm not taking off anymore clothes!" Even as Misty refuted his command, her body already got to the job of disrobing. "What! Why am I-? I can't stop!"She quickly stepped out of her shoes and raised her leg to pull off her sock. Slowly peeling it off she flung it to the side and pulled off the other. Her suspenders already hanging at her sides, it was easy to pull down her shorts. She stood there for a moment in only her panties, trying to fight the urge to disrobe any more."Hey, Misty! I told you lose all the clothes!" Ash yelled harshly. At her master's command, she slowly pulled down her panties added them to the pile of clothing building up. Meanwhile, Ash and Brock began to drink in Misty's body. It was a sight to behold. Her skin was milky smooth and pale, beautiful and fragile looking. Her pussy hair was trimmed to form a cute little cascade badge symbol, made of red hair. Below was her tight little pussy, quivering from the cold of the air. Ash could also make out a glistening of fluid coming from it.Misty stood there, visibly uncomfortable at her current circumstances. Her two best friends leering at her naked body as she stood in front of them unable to do anything about it. The best she could do about it was try to cover herself with her arms, but even that did little to prevent her growing embarrassment. As Misty tried to bare her humiliation, Ash walked over and grabbed her traveling bag."Well since you're my Pokemon now you won't be needing these. So I guess all of these are mine now." Ash started looking through her pokeballs. "What do you know? I definitely have more Pokemon than you now Misty.""Ash, this isn't funny. Look I'm sorry for being mean last night. Just stop this and give me back my clothes. Please!" She trembled as she begged him for mercy. Her hands tried desperately to maintain her dignity as she stood before the two, naked as the day she was born."And that's another thing. Pokemon can't talk. From now on only say your name.""Mist misty. Misty!? Misty?" While her attempt was to say, 'That's ridiculous' it came out only as a random stringing together of her name as she cried."Wow, I can't believe that worked!" Brock responded."It does make more sense. Now its obvious that's she's a Pokémon to anyone who sees her. Only Pokémon say their names over and over again." The insensitive comments of Brock and Ash only caused Misty to cry her name more. Eventually she just began sobbing. If she could speak it would sound something like 'Stop being so cruel to me! Just let me go! Please!' Unfortunately it only came out as an unintelligible series of 'Misty Misty'."Wow, she is really sexy looking like this." Brock said, his pants desperately trying to contain his boner."Misty?" The naked girl said with shock looking at Brock approaching. She backed away slowly as Brock pounced, rubbing up against her."Oh god, she's so soft!" Brock cried lustfully. Misty cried out her name over and over trying to resist Brock. Brock reached down to undo his pants, when he was stopped by Ash's hand on his shoulder."Hold on there Brock." Ash said calmly. "You can't just go and fuck Misty now." Brock was still worked up but saw the conviction in Ash's eyes. He slowly got a hold of himself."Yeah, sorry Ash, I guess I just went a little crazy there." Brock said getting up, Misty still shaking on the ground. As Brock walked away, Misty took a deep breath and calmed down. However, her fears were reignited as Ash dropped his pants."If anyone is going to fuck my Pokémon, its going to be me." Ash said with an evil smirk. Misty once again panicked and tried to scramble away. She desperately tried to crawl away on all fours but she wouldn't make it far."Now Misty, that's no way to react to your master. Now why don't you just stand still, like that?" Ash requested. Like before Misty stayed frozen on all fours. She turned her head and cried out her name in a vain effort to scream 'Please don't,'. Once positioned behind her, Ash began to investigate his new 'Pokémon'. From behind he could get a great view of her ass, shapely but petite. Be grabbed the right cheek and squeezed, feeling the soft warm flesh."Mist!" Misty cried as she felt his hands on her butt. He began to squeeze rapidly, trying to get her to squeal more. He was disappointed as she remained stoic in the face of his actions. His gazed turned to her tight asshole as he got another idea. He slowly pushed a finger up her butt feeling around it."Misty!" She screamed. "Misty misty..." she said trying to say 'Please, not there...". Unfortunately her distress only increased his curiosity."It's really tight. I guess you haven't used it for this kind of stuff before." Ash said curiously. Misty cried out a series of her names as if to say 'Of course not you perverted dope!' He kept fingering her tight ass as she writhed in a strange mix of pain and pleasure. She couldn't help but admit being touched was making her feel strange. She'd never been intimate with anyone like this before and it made her horny. She tried to suppress it but her pussy was not as strong-willed as she was. Her snatch released a small stream of liquid, drawing Ash's attention."Well this is curious. Did you just spring a leak Misty?" Ash asked coyly, moving down to her vagina. "Or could it be that being played with in the woods is turning you on?" Misty burned with embarrassment. She shook her head crying her own name as if to say 'No, that's not true!'"Wow! She really is wet!" Brock cried from behind Ash, still curious."Well, whatever the case, we better plug up that leak." Ash said as he stroked his cock. Once it was rock hard he got into position. Misty cried, begging him to stop but it fell on deaf ears. With a quick thrust he shoved his dick into her pussy.

pokemon naked misty fucks ash

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