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12. The Hope Devourer

Vox Machina head for Whitestone to tell everyone that hope is not lost. The Chroma Conclave can be defeated. As they approach, we see Kaylie and her troupe camping on their way to Marquet and get a voiceover on destiny from Cassandra de Rolo.

12. The Hope Devourer

The deplorable Umbrasyl takes Vax hostage, using him as a shield against the other Vox Machina members. The dragon drops Vax from a great height and Vex just saves him in time. The gang escapes into a hidden tunnel and regroups. Scanlan still wants to flee, but Vax makes a stand, this is their destiny, they must fight. Umbrasyl reappears and continues to dominate his rivals. Keyleth summons her inner flame demon and Vax slices the dragon at super speed, but it is not enough. Vex loses her bow to the dragon, all hope seems lost. Then Grog and Pike come to the rescue, finding some last-minute strength.

Insatiable Greed. The eater of hope can sense the presence of gold within 1,000 feet of itself. It can determine which location has the greatest amount of gold and can sense the direction to that site. If the gold is being moved, it knows the direction of the movement. It can't locate gold if any thickness of clay or lead, even a thin sheet, blocks a direct path between it and the gold. Magic Resistance. The eater of hope has advantage on saving throws against spells and other magical effects.

The Legend Of Vox Machina season 2 episode 9 ended with Grog confronting his Uncle, clearly about to challenge him for the herd. With the final three of the season having released today, we get what feels like a cohesive story of the season, while also leaving a whole lot of unanswered questions that will hopefully be addressed in The Legend of Vox Machina season 3 (which we know is coming!).

Hope devourer is a Dungeoneering boss monster that can be fought on the Warped floors of Daemonheim, beginning at floor 51. It requires level 101 Dungeoneering to encounter and fight. This boss monster is the highest levelled behemoth of Daemonheim. It resides closest to The Rift of all its kind.

The boss's fifth attack is the standard stomp attack that behemoths use on players who stand under them. The Hope devourer's stomp attack deals damage equal to 1/6 of the target's maximum life points.

Attack the boss and activate offensive prayers and potions to help counteract its stat draining effect. When the Hope devourer roars with visible overhead text, deactivate Protect from Melee and Protect from Magic or their curse equivalents to avoid the special attack. Use Soul Split to heal and nullify the special attack. 041b061a72


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